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Global investment

Revolutionary system that uses the best algorithms of multilevel marketing to purchase bitcoins

  • You can be engaged in it irrespective of age, a kind of activity and the residence
  • Due to the constant income, the quality of your life will increase rapidly
  • Popularizes Bitcoin as an alternative to banking system - anonymous and secure

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Why have we
launched GIS?

Every day, people who use bitcoin become more and more! The quantity active bitcoin purses in 2017 has already exceeded 11 million and continues to grow.

The higher the demand, the higher the price. Therefore, we ourselves can affect the course of bitcoins and thereby increase your income.


How does
it work

To provide you with additional protection, we created our own internal currency, Invest Coin (IC). It has its own course, which depends on the number of participants in the system, from the amount of bitcoins purchased, as well as from Bitcoin’s rate throughout the year.

The principle of this rate’s formation provides an additional protection against sharp fluctuations and ensures that  IC rate  will not fall below its original value.

1 IC = $4.2036
1 IC = $4.2183

Where your money
will work?

Our company invests means in the enterprises with steady profit and high profitability.

Get the highest profit margins, we can pay out of it to 355% per annum on your investment

Principles of

The basic principle of any competent investor to diversify risks. Therefore we have chosen the key directions of investment for work:

  • Stock exchange trading
  • Mining cryptocurrency
Exchanges with which we work:


Attracting investors

Using the best mechanics of MLM companies, we are creating a new generation of investors community

Asset management

Competent management of attracted investments allows us to confidently move forward


Each participant of the system will be able to raise the level of his profit by investing in the future currency

Absolute efficiency

The fundamentals of company are based on mathematically calculated and economically proven model to improve and accelerate the growth of bitcoins


Stable positive dynamics of growth rate
The only alternative to the banking system
Multilevel security system
High liquidity


We specialize only in bitcoins. We know everything about them, because we have been analyzing it from the beginning.

  • Multi-level affiliate program
  • Automated and transparent transaction system
  • A generous bonus program, depending on your investments
  • Quick start is encouraged by gifts from the company